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Department of History and Archaeology


Transfers for the acad. year 2023-24

For the circular of  transfers and the submission-procedure follow the link:


Transfers and Movements for the academic year 2023-24

The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs informs the interested students of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Hicher Ecclesiastical Academies (HEA) of the country who fall under the follwoing categories:

  • students of HEI and HEA of the country who were admitted to higher education in the category of medical condition of Common Ministerial Decision (Β 358) No. Φ151/17897/Β6/2014, as it may be amended or substituted, to a percentage of 5% in excess of the number of the admitted students and without exams during the academic year 2022-2023,
  • students admitted in excess of the number of HEI admissions of Cypriot origins, who are under special transfer regulations,  
  • students of HEI and HEA of the country, who were admitted in higher education through the repeat examinations of September 2022, according to article13 Α, Law 4186/2013 (Α193), as amended and currently in effect, 
  • students of HEI and HEA, with siblings who are undergraduate students admitted to higher education in the academic year 2022-2023, either in the category of distinguished athletes of article 34, Law 2725/1999 (Α 121), as amended and currently in effect, or in the category of successful in the repeat exams of September 2022, or in the category of medical conditions of Common Ministerial Decision (Β 358) No. Φ151/17897/Β6/2014, provided they fulfil the conditions for sibling transfer/movement,  

that from Tuesday 17 January 2023, 14.00 they may submit an electronic application for a transfer/movement.

It is noted that the right to participate in this hase of transfers is granted only to students of the above categories, who did not have the ability to participate in the procedure of transfers/movements of the previous phase (5/10/2022-14/10/2022), because of their later registration at the Departments wherein they had been successfully admitted.

All interested must visit the special applications at the elctronic address (or throgh the Ministry website) in order to submit their application electronically.

For their entry to the related applicatio, the applicants will use the username and password granted to them by the Secretariat of their Sehool or Department where they currently study. 

It is noted that it is mandatory to have a VAT number for the applicant of the electronic application with point-awarding reasons and undergraduate student siblings.

The results of electronic applications will be announced after the deadline for application submissions.

More details may be found in the relevant circular.                                                           

The relevant circular is HERE