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Department of History and Archaeology


Procedure for the distribution of textbooks

According to the Ministerial Decision No F.1/76244/Β3 (Government Gazzette 957/issueΒ/30-6-2010), the selection and distribution of the documents for the acad. year 2010-11 in all Higher Education Institutions of the country will be done through the online service EVDOXOS (

Our Department has already registered the necessary information for the books that will be distributed in the courses of the new academic year.

From 12-11-2010, students can enter directly to the website, to declare the books of their choice, for the courses they attend during the winter semester of the current academic year.

For this declaration, it is necessary to use the access codes (username / password), which the students have for the central electronic services of the Foundation (my studies). Those students who have non-functional passwords or who have not even received passwords, should contact

On the website you can also find all the documents that have been declared by all the Departments of Universities and TEIs of the country, as well as detailed instructions for using the new service

(Last update 13/10/2023)