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Department of History and Archaeology


In order to obtain the degree, those admitted since the academic year 2019-20 must successfully attend 46 courses, each of which is taught for three hours each week for 13 weeks.  ATTENTION: Those enrolled in previous years follow the number of courses and credits of the year in which they were enrolled.

According to the existing legislation (Law 3374/2-8-2005), the study program is organized on the basis of the system of transfer and accumulation of credits (pm) – ECTS.  Credit units quantify the work required to complete all planned learning activities and which, over the course of a semester, are valued at thirty (30) p.m.  In total, students should accumulate at least 240 credits during their studies. In the indicative curriculum of the Department of History and Archeology there about 30 p.m.  per semester and a total of 240 p.m.

After the period of time stipulated as the minimum duration of the Department's undergraduate studies plus two (2) years, all kinds of benefits cease to be granted to the students (medical and hospital care, performance scholarships and scholarships and loans aid, free feeding, housing and provision of textbooks or other aids, facilitation of travel, etc.).

Timetable of Undergraduate Courses