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Department of History and Archaeology


The Practical Training of the students of the Department of History and Archaeology takes place through NKUA-NSRF programmes. It aims at the research and professional familiarisation of as many students as possible with the natural areas of their future professional activity, in order to provide them with the related experience and to achieve the creation of a channel of two-way communication and cooperation.

Practical Training takes place at both public and private institutions, related to History, Archaeology and Histroy of Art, such as Ephorates of Antiquities, Historical Archives, Museums, Libraries, Ministry Servicies, as well as research institutes and organisations. 

It is optional, compensated, has a duration of two months and takes place annually between January and October, including the summer months. It hase a course code number, 61ΠρΑσκ.

For the procedure, those interested should see the Internal Regulations of Practical Training

Academic supervisor: N. Dimakis, assisted by E. Kefalidou , M. Mouliou and E. Koumas



  • May I participate in Practical Training if I am a graduating student? If I have passed my last course exams in February and before I give the oath?

For as long as you owe course exams you are considered a graduating student, therefore you may apply and participate in Practical Training.

If, however, you passed your last exams in February, then it is considered that you have completed your studies, you lose your student status, and proclaimed graduates, even though you have not taken the oath. Therefore, it is not possible to participate in the Practical Training.

  • Do weighting factors play a role in deriving the Grade Point Average of the courses?

No, all courses weight the same.

  • Can I be indirectly insured in order to do the PT? 

In order to do PT you must have your own, personal, number of social insurance, not your parents.

  • Where can I find detailed information regarding the PT and the procedures of its implementation? 

Detailed information about all topics concerning the PT (advertisement, start, implementation, end and all documents) may be found on the website of the Office of Practical Training:

  • When does the next PT start? 

A related announceent will be posted on the website of the Department (PT section) and on the website of the Office of Practical Training (

  • Can my contract be signed with a scanned signature? 

No, only with a physical original signature

  • I emailed you my question about the PT and you have not replied…

In these cases the question has already been answered in an announcement on the website of the Department (PT section), as well as in the PT eclass

  • What is a group code and a place code? 

The group code is written at ATLAS, next to the name of the institution that interests the student.

The place code is given only after the submission of the contract to the Office of Practical Training.

  • When can I be examined fro the PT course? 

PT completed until the end of July: Spring semester exam period

PT completed until the end of September: September exam period 

PT completed until the end of October: Winter semester exam period

  • What documents do I complete before the  start of the PT? 

Documents and detailed information are available on the website of the Office of Practical Training :

  • What documents do I complete during and with the end of the PT? 

During the PT and until its end the Institution and the student must complete the documents of the End of the Practical Training, uploaded on the website of the Office of Practical Training with guidance:

Then the documents are submitted directly to the Office of Practical Training where they are also signed by the Academic Supervisor.

In addition, and with the completion of the PT the student is sent an automated message with the record form of the exit from the PT.