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Department of History and Archaeology


The Diploma Supplement is an explanatory document, which does not substitute the official degree title or the detailed record issued by the Department. The supplement is attached to the title of undergraduate studies (degree) and offers information regarding the nature, the level and the wider framework of education, the content and the regultion of studies, which were successfully completed by the person who is named on the original title, whereto the supplement is attached. There is no evaluation judgement made and no statements of parity or correlation or suggestions regarding the recognition of the degree abroad. 

The Diploma Supplement is issued automatically and without any financial liability in Greek and English and fullfils the criteria of originality that are required for the degree. The date of issue of the supplement does not necessarily coincide with the date of issue of the degree, but it may never be prior to it. The full name and registration number of the degree holder must be written on  each page of the supplement.