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Department of History and Archaeology


The courses of the program of study are divided into base, core, specialization as well as (free) elective courses. 

  • Basic courses: Compulsory courses of Literature and Education Studies from other Departments of the School of Philosophy. These offer a wide basis of knowledge, which frames the disciplinary branch that students select but also allows them to meet the requirements of a prospective career in secondary education. 
  • Core courses: Compulsory courses in History, Archaeology and History of Art with the aim of providing both a common corpus of knowledge and a starting point for a subsequent in-depth study in specialized branches of the students’ choice of discipline through specialization courses. 
  • Specialization courses: Compulsory and elective courses either in History or in Archaeology and History of Art, depending on the specialization that the student choose. At least two elective courses have to be seminars, where student performance is assessed with an essay that demonstrates their ability to handle disciplinary methods, to find topics with a research interest and to be critical.
  • Free Elective courses: Students may choose from two categories of courses, either elective courses of the same specialization or compulsory or elective courses offered in the other specialization.

The Department offers courses to other departments of the School of Philosophy either as compulsory or as elective (co-taught).


 (Last update: 8/2/2023)

Timetable of Undergraduate Courses