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Department of History and Archaeology


How to grant access to information about University degrees.

Registration in My-studies service and account management services.

As of 24/09/2012, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students of all Universities and Technological Educational Institutes of the country can submit their application for the issuance of a new academic identity card electronically.  The new identity has strong features of mechanical strength, and security against forgery. In addition, it is designed to be valid for as many years as the student status lasts, and to cover multiple uses, in addition to the Student Ticket (Pass). The IDs will be delivered to the pick-up point chosen by each student when submitting their application, without any financial burden.  The new IDs indicate the exact period of validity of the Student Ticket right. In case the student is not entitled to a Student Ticket, the card serves as a simple identity card.  Each Institution can utilize the new identities for the development of new services and applications, in order to better serve its students.

This application enables undergraduate students to contact the Secretariat of their Department from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. More specifically, students have the opportunity to: view and / or print their scores in one or all examination periods in one or more courses, or aggregated based on successful or failed attempts to have information about any course of the Program of Study (credits, base, teaching hours, teacher, textbooks, etc.) to declare the courses they are interested in attending in the next semester to fill in applications for the  issuance of any available certificate specified by the Secretariat (transcript, conscription, tax office, etc.)

The E-class platform is an integrated e-course Management System. It has been designed with the orientation of enhancing conventional teaching by utilizing the already highly assimilated in the field of education information technology.

New electronic service for the immediate and complete provision of textbooks to students of Universities and TEI. It offers: Full information to students about the available textbooks in each course. Possibility of immediate declaration and receipt of textbooks

The degree in Parchment In this application you can apply for the issuance of your degree, bachelor's-postgraduate studies and doctoral dissertations that you have completed at NKUA, on PARCHMENT and after your oath has been taken. NKUA Printing Office

On the edupass platform, the declaration of presence and participation in the face-to-face educational process in public structures will be made based on the vaccination or recovery certificate or negative rapid test or self-test.

The object of the Student Food Department is to provide for and carry out the necessary work for the feeding of the students of the Institution, in accordance with the decisions and orders of the Ministry of Education and the Administration of the Institution and in particular: To ensure the preparation of the announcement of competitions for the assignment of the meals of the students of the University to Student Restaurants housed in university buildings or in private restaurants in the area. The monitoring of the contracts concluded between the University Club and the contractor restaurateurs for the feeding of the students. The receipt and control of the supporting documents of the beneficiaries of free meals for students, in accordance with the applicable provisions and the granting of the right to free meals, with their necessary details. The control of the invoices for the Provision of Services and the daily number of students fed, for the payment of the contractors. The Student Food Department is housed on the 4th floor of the University

  1. What it is: Courses taught in Universities and TEI, freely accessible and freely available on the Internet for all.
  2. What it is not: Part of a distance learning program or a university curriculum. Open digital courses do not offer support from teachers and do not lead to the granting of a certificate.
  3. Who watches them: Anyone interested! Students and graduates of higher education, students, professionals... every person who wishes to expand his knowledge!
  4. What they offer: New knowledge, training and specialization, opportunity in learning. Open digital courses are a free learning environment, consistent with the public character and mission of HEIs.

The Wireless Access Service provides connection to the network of the University of Athens without the need for the use of a network cable. With the main benefit of freedom of movement, users can connect to the Internet without being constrained by the position they are in. In particular, by using their account in the network of the University of Athens and through the wireless access points (hotspots) scattered in university premises, users can enjoy wireless broadband Internet access. A prerequisite for the service is that the device (laptop, mobile, tablet, PDA, etc.) has wireless Internet connectivity. Along with the same account, it is possible to use the wireless network of all institutions that have joined the infrastructure worldwide Eduroam

The policy followed by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens regarding the submission of the grey bibliography was formulated by a decision of the Senate (22-9-2016 / No. of Central Pr: 1617006790 and 29th-11-2016 / No. of Central Pr.: 1617011856).  Despite the existence of some possibilities to restrict access to the full text of postgraduate dissertations and doctoral theses, the University supports and encourages the choice of free and unhindered access to the content, taking into account the resolution of the 71st Conference of Rectors and Presidents of Greek Universities. ( ) as well as the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities( and the Budapest Declaration on Open Access ( ). To view the detailed job submission process click Here

The University Club aims to improve the living conditions of the students of the University of Athens, to entertain and promote their social and intellectual education, through processes and initiatives of participation, socialization and self-management.

The Department of History and Archaeology is interested in being informed about the development of its graduates in order to maintain and strengthen their ties with the School, to provide information about education and its activities and to inform about events. This gives the opportunity to increase solidarity and mutual support among graduates.

This platform enables the Postgraduate students of our MSc to:

  1. See their image (Data registered in the Secretariat)
  2. Change the Directorate of Communication
  3. To see their Transcript
  4. To proceed with a Course Statement per semester Soon this platform will be enriched with new functionalities with the aim of always better serving students.

A. E.K.P.A.: Information leaflet for the Foundation (September 2020)

  1. Office 365
  2. Login with the University codes on  page,
  3. select "Download Office"
  4. Choose the display language and "Install Office".
  5. You open the downloaded file and select "Run"
  6. You give permission to start the process: The installation is done (attention to an ADSL line will take some time)
  7. Installation fee

Announcement to the students of the Department of History and Archaeology regarding e-learning 6-4-2020. We inform you that upon your registration at the University, your *personal institutional account* at NKUA has been automatically opened by the Network Operation & Management Center (KEY).  The account is the one you use in mystudies and is in the form *studxxxxx*. With your institutional account you can use many electronic services of EKPA and it is suggested that you use it to enter the tele-lessons. To access some third-party tools, such as Google Meet, and Office365 your account is:*·*Google Meet: * * · Office 365: ** The above accounts are not email.

The Faculty of Philosophy, one of the largest university faculties in Greece, is committed to the service of the humanities, to the preparation of teachers of humanities and sciences of secondary education, as well as psychologists. The research, teaching and public events of the School, from Philosophy, Philology and Linguistics to History, Archaeology, History of Art and Folklore, from Theatre and Music to Pedagogy, but also Psychology, as a social science, aim to cultivate and disseminate these sciences,  in all disciplines related to European languages (ancient and modern), history, as well as theoretical reflections, artistic creation and human behavior.