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Department of History and Archaeology


The Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities of the NKUA aims to adapt to the equal access to academic studies for students with different abilities and requirements, through environmental modifications, computer based Assistive Technologies, and Access Services.

The Accessibility Unit offers: 

  1. A Service recording the sepcific needs of every SwD.
  2. The Accessibility Department in the university built area.
  3. SwD Tranport Service from home to the School and back
  4. Computer based Assistive Technologies.
  5. Free software for SwD.
  6. Accessible Textbooks.
  7. Accessible Workstations in Libraries.
  8. Intertransport Service for the direct live communication of SwD, through translation in the Greek Sign Language, with other students, teaching staff and administrators of the university 
  9. A Service of voluntary co-student support for SwD
  10. Guidelines for the proper way of examining SwD 
  11. A Psychological and Counsel Support Service for SwD

For the better service of SwD, each Department/School ahas appointed 

a) An Accessibility Advisor Professor and her/his Deputy and
b) One member of the Secretariat and her/his Deputy for SwD whom those interested may additionally contact by telephone, fax, e-mail or the Intertransport Service. Their contact details are:

  1. Nikolaos Trifiatis, tel. :210 7277356,  email: ntrif[at]arch.uoa[dot]gr
  2. Panagiotis mitsis, tel.: 210 7277314, email: pmitsis[at]uoa[dot]gr


Contact and further information:

Telephone: 2107275130, 2107275687, 2107275183 Fax: 2107275193
Email: access[at]uoa[dot]gr Website:
MSN ID: m.emmanouil[at]di.uoa[dot]gr οoVoo ID: m.emmanouil
SMS: 6958450861


Student advisors for the Academic Year 2022-23

SECTION OF HISTORY: K. Gaganakis (winter semester) and K. Konstantinidou (spring semester)

SECTION OF ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORY OF ART: Giorgos Pallis (winter semester) and Euridice Kefalidou (spring semester)


Accessibility Advisor Professors for the Academic Year 2022-23

SECTION OF HISTORY & SECTION OF ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORY OF ART: Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos with Nikos giannakopoulos as Deputy.


See also

  1. Guidelines for the examination of SwD
  2. Models of notes that Accessibility Advisor Professors may compose to their peers