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Department of History and Archaeology


The Student Assistance Fund is an independent university service, managed by a Committe of seven members, five NKUOA faculty membersand two student representatives.

The Fund aims at the moral and material student support to cover important exceptional needs that put into danger the continuation of their studies and mauy not, pending on the judgement of the Committee, to be tackled ina dimmerent manner, such as: serious medical conditions, treatment not covered by the trending legal framework, hospitalisation abroad in case of a serious condition, financial aid to destitute students, financial allowances to cases of exceptional needs due to family or financial infliction and suppert with every avaiable means to hospitalised students.

For the grant of an aid it is required to submit an application by the interested, accompanied by the relevant documents (certifications, medical advice) to the Fund Secretariat, housed in the University Club, Ippokratous 15, 3rd floor, Logistics Office, tel. 210 - 3688221, 3688240, 3688256, where those interested may request further information. Information is also abailable at on the website: .