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Department of History and Archaeology


The Department of History and Archeology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has been accepting postdoctoral researchers since 2003. Holders of a Doctoral Degree from a Greek university or of a recognized equivalent degree from a foreign institution have the right to submit an application to conduct postdoctoral research. Applications are accepted throughout the academic year.

The candidate must submit an application, curriculum vitae and a brief research proposal to the Graduate Studies Secretariat. The proposal is evaluated by a committee of faculty members of the subject concerned.

Each postdoctoral research is supervised by a faculty member of the Department. The supervisor must come from the same field of study as the subject requested for research. The candidate must have excellent knowledge of the language in which the postdoctoral research will be conducted. The duration of the latter cannot exceed three (3) years from the date of the decision of the Assembly of the Department. An extension can be granted, after a documented proposal by the supervisor and by decision of the Departmental Assembly.

The postdoctoral fellow must submit to the Secretariat a written report on the progress of the research at the end of each academic year, accompanied by a relevant report from the supervisor. After the completion of the research, the post-doctorate submits to the Secretariat a summary report of its results, of at least 6,000 words, which is published on the Departmental website, together with a summary of 1000-1500 words in English. The  completion of the research is certified after the submission of the final report.

Postdoctoral fellows of the Department must mention their relevant status in their related publications.

Postdoctoral fellows are allowed to deliver tutoring courses related to their specialty upon prior approval of the Assembly and under the supervision of their supervisor.


School of Philosophy, 4th floor (404), Zografou Campus 15784 Athens

Phone: 210 7277887 Fax: 210 7277426

Email: PMS-Hist-Arch[at]arch.uoa[dot]gr

Staff: C. Koukos (210 7277319) - D. Tsiotas (210 7277887)

Reception hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00-14:00