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  • Patronage patterns in Cappadocia (6ος-13ος αι.)
    The research project aimed at selecting and assessing information on the activities of patrons in churches of Cappadocia dating from the 6th to the 13th century. It was carried out at the University of Athens under the direction of Sophia Kalopissi-Verti, Professor of Byzantine Archaeology, in the years 1997-1999 and was financed by the Foundation of the Hellenic World. The design and creation of the website were funded by the University of Athens.
  • Byzantine Presence in Georgia and Georgian Presence in the Broader Byzantine World.
    The research project aimed at selecting and assessing information on the monumental painting in Georgia from the 6th to the 15th century and the exploration of its relationship to the Byzantine culture. It was carried out at the University of Athens under the direction of Maria Panayotidi, Professor of Byzantine Archaeology, in two phases (during the years 2000-2001 and 2003-2006) and was financed by the General Secretary of Research and Technology.
  • Literature on the Greek Diaspora, 15-19th cent.
  • Spyridon Lampros Archive (The archive will not be accessible until September 2011 due to technical problems.)
    The greater part of the Spyridon Lampros Archive has been bequeathed to and is preserved in the Library of History of the School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The scanning and documentation of the files containing the Archive is accomplished with the financial and scientific support of the Laboratory of Digital Recording of the Public and Private Life of the Byzantines (4th-15th c.) along with the partcipation of postgraduate students of the Byzantine History.
  • Nautilos: A selection of epigraphical and papyrological sources concerning the post-classical antiquity in the Eastern Mediterranean area.
    This website includes a bibliographical database on inscriptions and papyri and a representative selection of inscriptions and papyri with greek translation and commentary. The project was a collaboration between the University of Athens (Departments of History-Archaeology and Classical Philology) and the Department of Computing of the Technical School of Athens. Coordinator of the project was the Assisstent Professor Sophia Aneziri. The programme was financed by EPEAEK II and the EU in the frame of "PYTHAGORAS II: Reinforcement of Research Teams in the Universities".
  • Byzantine and Western World: Juxtapositions and Interactions From Eleventh Until Fifteenth Century.
    The website includes a database of selected bibliographical entries focused at the research of the relations between the byzantine and western world as well as the most complete documentation of the elements of their interaction. The research project was funded by the program "Pythagoras: Support for University Resaerch Groups" - Operational Programme of Education and Initial Vocational Training II. The project was held at the University of Athens during the period 2005-2006 by a research team led by professor of Byzantine History Athina Kolia-Dermitzaki, assistant professor Tr. Maniati-Kokkini and professor Maria Douru-Eliopoulou. The intention of the formers is the regular updating of the database.