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Master Theses (1990-2018)

Specialization Name Title of Master's Thesis Date of approval
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Klotsa Adamantia   00-04-1990
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Vlachopoulos Andreas Mycenean Naxos 1/9/1991
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Filippa-Touchais Anna Asinae's Midhellenic potery from the University of Athens collection 10/1/1992
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Souvatzi Styliani   11/3/1994
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kriga Demetra   9/11/1995
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kountouri Eleni   9/11/1995
PREHISTORIC ARCHAELOGY Terzi Giuliana La Necropoli di Perati e l' evolutione della ceramica TE IIIC 1/4/1996
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Alberti Lucia   1/4/1996
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Agelopoulou Anastasia   27/4/1996
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Dova Chrisanthi   1/4/1996
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Chrisikopoulou Elissavet   1/4/1996
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Nikolentzos Konstantinos   18/12/1997
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Georgaki Euaggelia   23/6/1998
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Mavridis Theofanis   23/6/1998
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Koutsoubos Nikolaos   23/6/1998
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Flouda Georgia   18/2/1999
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Spanos Stefanos Archives of Linear B and Storerooms 01/07/1999
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Moutzouridis Panagiotis   18/12/1999
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Dialismas Apostolos Tombs and Burials during the Early Dark Ages in the eastern mainland Greece and Peloponnese 13/01/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Thanou Archodia House and Tomb Architecture during the Early Bronze Age in Messenia, Lakonia and Elis (areas without a systematic study as yet) 13/01/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Zeuki Violeta Barbarian pottery from Greece and Cyprus: Diffusion to the rest of Mediterranean and Balkans and comparison with analogous products 13/01/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Letsios Vassilios From food-gathering to food-production: The case of Thessaly 13/01/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Pliatsika Vassiliki Mycenaean pictorial pottery from sites along the Syropalestinean coast: Financial approach and analysis of the decoration 13/01/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Voutsa Aikaterini Terms concerning professions in the Linear B Tablets: Matters of terminology and work relations 13/01/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Vlasopoulou-Karidi Maria    
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kitsou Aikaterini The LH shipwreck at the cape Iria in the Argolid 14/12/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Ellina Polyxeni Temple architecture and worship rituals in Cyprus, Syria and Palestine during Late Bronze Age 14/12/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Raptis Charalambos Mycenaean Weapons in the Aegean (according to the finds, the representations and the written sources) 14/12/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Tselios Charilaos Mining and Metallurgy of silver and lead during the Early Bronze Age in the Aegean 14/12/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Lekka Anna The fish and the dolphin in the pictorial representations of the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean 14/12/2000
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Elias Eva The figurine production in the Troad area and its relationship with the neighboring centers during the 3rd millennium B.C. 28/06/2001
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Farantos Dimitrios The chamber tomb at the site " Mpasales" on Skyros 28/06/2001
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Gioka Aspasia Handicraft activities in the Mycenaean palaces of mainland Greece, according to the tablets and the archaeological data 13/12/2001
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Karaindrou Konstantina Aromatic plants in the Aegean of the Late Bronze Age: Archaeological finds and written sources 13/12/2001
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kritharas Dimitrios The origins of the rural economy in the Balkan peninsula : Matters of provenance, activities and cultural impacts 13/12/2001
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Koutsouflakis Georgios The ships during the Late Bronze Age 13/12/2001
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kalantzi Eleni Early Mycenaean jewels, sewed or glued, from the Grave Circles at Mycenae 25/06/2002
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Μilidaki Vassiliki Imports of Proto-palatial pottery in the Cyclades 25/06/2002
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Sakellaraki Maria Transformations, inventions and evolution of the Minoan pottery: The story of five shapes 25/06/2002
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Salavoura Eleni Arcadia during the Age of Bronze 25/06/2002
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Stathis Athanasios Mycenaean masons 25/06/2003
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Papoulia Stamatina Management of cultural heritage in the periphery of Peloponnese 18/12/2003
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Lambropoulos Sotirios Osteoarchaeology. Bone remains in the Aegean during the Stone Age and the Early Bronze Age (EH, EC, Prepalatial Crete) 18/12/2003
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Gregoropoulos Kiriakos   05/02/2004
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Sarantopoulou Panagiota Pit cave graves in the Aegean during the 3rd millennium BC (with remarks concerning the whole of the Mediterranean area) 01/07/2004
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Petrakis Bassilios Aspects of burial behavior. Architecture and burial customs in the early tholos tombs in western/southwestern Peloponnese 01/07/2004
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Mathioudaki Argiro The transition to the Late Bronze Age and the Early Mycenaean period in Attica 01/07/2004
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Samartzis Athanasios Thessaly during the Middle and Late Bronze Age (LHI –IIIB periods) 02/12/2004
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Evrenopoulos Ioannis National and local names or epithets of men and women from the Linear B Tablets of Knossos 19/12/2005
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kakavakis Odisseas Circulation of materials and products in the Aegean of the Late and Final Neolithic period: The diffusion of obsidian, flint, shells and metals 19/12/2005
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Karkani Aikaterini Supply and transfer of the Cypriot bronze during the Late Bronze Age 19/12/2005
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kotsi Andrianna Big scale works in mainland Greece during the 2nd millennium BC as an example of intervention to the environment 19/12/2005
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Papanastasiou Anthi The sea and land shells from the archaeological sites in the Peloponnese from the Old Stone Age to the Late Bronze Age. Research, data, conclusions 19/12/2005
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Psalida Maria Cemetery topography in LMIII Crete. 13/07/2006
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Tsakiri Anna The Mycenaean period in Magnesia (Thessaly) 13/07/2006
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Vourou Maria Searching and re-examining elements of ritual activity from Mainland Greece during the Early Bronze Age 14/06/2007
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Salihou Alexandra The administrative and economic role of the new palaces in Crete. Archaeological data and theoretical approaches 14/06/2007
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Theodorou Anthi The Temple of Apollo Maleatas in Epidaurus 18/01/2007
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Mastrogiannopoulou Vagia Rechau type vessels from the Neolithic settlement at Ftellia on Mykonos 13/12/2007
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Zoitopoulos Mihalis The LM Ib to LM IIIA transition in Eastern Cretan Settlements 05/06/2008
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Florou Vasiliki The presence of the obsidian in the archaeological context of south Aegean during the Early Bronze Age 05/06/2008
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kloukinas Dimitrios The Early and Middle Aceramic Neolithic period in Cyprus: Aspects of colonization, continuity and discontinuity 18/06/2009
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Papadopoulou Eleni Burial Architecture and Habits at the Final Palatial and Postpalatial Period in West Crete: Historical and Sociological Approachment 25/06/2009
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Tsimpoukaki Maria Cultural Elements for development of Eastern Crete during Middle Minoan Period 18/06/2009
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Apostola Ilektra The Female figure in the Coroplastic art of ancient Cyprus and Syria during the Bronze Age and its relation to Palestine and Mesopotamia 18/06/2009
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Mihalopoulou Stefania Amphibians and Reptiles from Palaeolithic sites of North Mediterranean 18/12/2009
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Gianniou Dimitra The end of the Mycenaean Palatial Period in the Argolid: the first post-palatial phase (LH III C Early) 18/12/2009
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kasimi Panagiota Mycenaean Corinthia. Composition of old and modern archaeological data 18/12/2009
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Synodinou Amalia The aquatic element in the Minoan world: tracing fresh water hydrostrategies 24/06/2010
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Garoufalis Dimitrios The organization of space in the palaces of Minoan Crete and Mainland Greece: the cases of the palaces of Mallia - Zakros and Mycenae - Pylos 24/06/2010
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Charitos Georgios Ritual Instances of Prepalatial and old palatial in Crete. Function and Stracture 13/12/2010
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Balli-Papavasiliou Ourania The hybrid creatures in Minoan iconography 09/06/2011
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Samaras Evanggelos Fortifications on Cyclades and Argosaronic gulf islands during the postpalatial period and the early Iron age 09/06/2011
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Soulioti Eleni The function and the symbolic content of the Sacred Knot 30/06/2011
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Saliari Konstantina Molluscan material from Prehistoric sites of Middle East 15/12/2011
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kontaxi Hrysanthi The use of caves during the Neolithic in Peloponnese 15/12/2011
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kovaiou Akathi - Maria Plants in diet during Stone Age: Data from Greece 15/12/2011
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Hristopoulou Anna - Krystalia Artistic tendencies and workshops in East Crete during the LMI period: The material from the settlements of Palaikastro and Zarkos 15/12/2011
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Melea Evanggelia Enviromental reconstruction of Phehistoric Crete 23/02/2012
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Moustakis Athanasios Cult places in the Greek world "excluding Crete" from late Helladic to Early Iron Age (1060-850 b.C) 23/02/2012
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Fillipoglou Ioanna –Maria The role of water in the choice of settlement in Macedonia during Neolithic time 23/02/2012
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Athanasiadi Christina Environmental archaeology and education 23/02/2012
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Moustaka Charikleia The internal and external space in Minoan religious econography 23/02/2012
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Tzanni Evdoxia Spatial organisation in prepalatial settlements of Crete and its social connotions 21/06/2012
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Balomenou Eleni Entertainment in Bronze Age 21/06/2012
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Glaraki Aikaterini The mountainous natural formations in Eastern Crete and their relation to cult in the Palatical Era. 13/12/2012
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Labropoulos Dimitrios The neolithic habitation in western Greece. Human presence and spatial organization 24/01/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Spiliotakopoulou Ioanna Zapani Kerateas: Lithics from Early Bronze Age II from Attica. 24/01/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Zeugolatakou Maria Human dwelling and settling during the neolithic Age in the eastern Peloponnese. 13/12/2012
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Balitsari Anthoula The middle Helladic habitation in Laconia. Contacts with Crete and other regions. 24/01/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Fotia Maria Methods and technics of excavation. Theory and practice at the late Cycladic city of Akrotiri, Thera. 24/01/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Parras Dhmhtrios Recent excavated elements and findings from the mycenaean cemetary at Vourvatsi. 24/01/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Georgakopoulos Georgios-Panagiotis Areas and equipment for the preparation and consumption of food in Neopalatical Crete 04/07/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Mitzithra Maria Colour and the human form in Prehistoric Aegean. 24/01/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Avgoustopoulos Nektarios Mycean chamber tombs with saddle roof in Argolida 04/07/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Eleftheriou Varvara The beginning of minoan influence in Kythira based on the study of the pottery coming from Bronze Age Building A' at Diakofti. 04/07/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Karakosta maria The Vapheio Tomb Revisited 04/07/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kyritsi Maria Looking for thw social structure of neopalatical Crete on the basis of the analysis of domestic assemblages. The case of the neopalatical settlement of Kato Zakros and its relation to the settlements of Palaiokastro and Gournia 04/07/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Boukala-Karkagianni Ekaterini Secontary burial treatment in the prepalatical cemeteries of Crete. 04/07/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Panagopoulou Georgia The anthropomorphic represantation of the divine in the minoic art 04/07/2013
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Michalopoulos Panagiotis Storage proctices and domestic organisation during the Early Middle Helladic period (EH III - MH II). House and "Oikos". 13/03/2014
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Papadopoulou Georgia Metals' trade mechanisms through ancient near eastern texts: The archives of Amarna, Hattusa and Ugarit 13/03/2014
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Karabas Apostolos Myths - Genealogies - The Mycenaean world 13/03/2014
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Fouriki Stavroula The Prepalatial period in west Crete. 10/07/2014
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Georgotas Anastassios Technology, production and trading of the granodioritikis keramikis in Mirabelo during the Minoic period. An archaeologikal and archaeometrical attach. 10/07/2014
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Stefanou Ioanna Issues about the "national" idendity and the problem about the Cycladic colonies during the Protominoic Crete. The case of the Cycladic cemetaries in the northern Crete. 10/07/2014
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Aleksopoulou Erini The Hermes's woship in Attica during the archaical and Classical era 10/07/2014
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Tsiota Demetroula The human figure on the rings in thw Copper era in Aegean: function and interprentation 22/01/2015
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Bairaktari Athina Modified and Plastered Skulls from the Southeastern Mediterranean and the Near East Prehistoric Times 22/01/2015
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Lasoura Gabriella Patterns of habitation in Crete from the FN to the EM I period. The case of Messorachi at Siteia 02/07/2015
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kourniotou Dimitra The depicted cult vessels held by the figures in minoan and mycenaean art 02/07/2015
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Psoma Ekaterini Ksagounaki, Diros: an open air site of the Final Neolithic from the viewpoint of chipped stone tools 02/07/2015
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kostopoulou Ioanna The messenian landscape through Middle Helladic tumuli and Late Helladictholos tombs. Ten messenian sites 21/01/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Tsimogianni Asimina Boeotia during the Middle Helladic Age. Through ettlement and funerary architectural archaeological data 21/01/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Vergaki Anastasia The ceremonial equipment of the Minoans and its Context as to the ritual, during Prepalatial and Old Palace Period. A re-approach 21/01/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Filippakis Dimitrios Three disc-shaped objects: indications of organization and control in a LHIIIA2/LHIIIB settlement at Lazarides of Eastern Aegina 21/01/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Babakr Nader Recent archaeological research in the Erbil governorate: The study of the Kareez Irrigation System and the results of the rescue excavations in Pugina and Gird Baxcan 21/01/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Schiza Vasiliki The Upper Palaeolithic art of hunters and gatherers: Searching for Palaeolithic art in Greece 21/01/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Klagou Fotini Burial ways and places during the middle helladic period in Argolida and Messinia 23/06/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kolitsopoulos Georgios The Cyclades and the Anatolia During the 3rd Millenium B.C. Relations and Contacts 23/06/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Mouka Nektaria The mycenaean presence in western Attica: Ceramic data from an industrial installation at Alimos 23/06/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Bonori Ergina Mari and Knossos: Comparison of two great palaces 23/06/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Papadopoulou Despoina Τhe imported semi-precious stones in central and east Crete and their use in minoan jewellery 23/06/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Gerochristou Athina Identifying the use of the Circular Buildings of Halaf Culture of the Ancient Near East 24/11/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Drosou Adriana Bird depictions in the aegean bronze age: kinds, means of depiction, iconographic and symbolic status 24/11/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Papageorgiou Athanasios Minoan Metal Tools: Manufacture, Typology and Use. 24/11/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Pappas Thomas Raw materials from Middle Kalamas basin (Thesprotia, NW Greece): A geoarchaeological perpective 24/11/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Sklavou Evanthia Women in the Mycenean Centres. Evidence through the archaeological finds of the Palatial Period. 24/11/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Sofianos Georgios Τhe architectural drawings of "The Palace of Minos" 24/11/2016
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Barlagianni Panagiota Search for social differences according to archaeological remains of Ubaid culture in ancient Mesopotamia 23/02/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Sotiriou Konstantinos-Orfeas The antiquities smuggling phaenomenon in Greece: An intergrated research between 1999-2009 23/02/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Psychas Adrianos Prepalatial Mycenaean burials. The expression of funerary architecture and burial customs of the Early Mycenaean Period in the northeast Peloponnese 23/02/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Noutsos Lampros Mortuary differentiation and social organisation at the cemeteries of the Cycladic islands and the Mainland Greecein the Early Bronze Age 29/6/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Gerodimou Theodora The helmet in the Aegean and the Near East area during the Bronze Age era 30/11/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Dellios Paschalis Geoarchaeological approaches in the study of Aegean Prehistory 30/11/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Zogkos Ioannis Grotta, Naxos (1949-1985): A palimpsest of cycladic archaeology. Research methods/modern evaluation 30/11/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Nikolopoulou Athina Tin Mining and Trade in the Near East and the Mediterranean area during the Bronze Age 30/11/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Peppe Paraskevi Scarabs in the Aegean during the Bronze Age 30/11/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Stergiou Giorgos The reduction sequence and distribution of the Pindus' range chocolate flint in Middle Kalama's basin, Thesprotia: The case of Dramesi 30/11/2017
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Piperi Alexia Issues of ethnic identity – the problem of the Cycladic colonies in the cemeteries of prepalatial Crete and mainland Greece 22/2/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Naka Aikaterini-Haidi Seasonality and habitation during Palaeolithic period 5/7/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Chelioti Maria The prehistoric lithic assemblage from Kanali of Thesprotia 5/7/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Tsampi Zanneta The Minoan influence in the Dodecanese during the MBA and LBA I and the interpretations of the Minoanisation 5/7/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Filopoulos Nikos Ceramic technology in the North-East Peloponnese during the Final Neolithic and Early Bronze Age 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kalara Antigoni The roofing system of the Minoan tholos tombs: critical reassessment and reinterpretation of the archaeological data 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kapsali Pavlina Middle Helladic firing techniques and their contribution in the identification of inter-regional ceramic traditions 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Kondis Ilias The tumuli in the Peloponnese during the transitional MH-LH period 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Christodoulou Kyriaki Typology and production technology of tin coated vessels in prehistoric Aegean: archaeometric study of tin coated vessels from Deiras, Argos Argos 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Stamatis Vogiatzopoulos Burial customs and burial practices in the 3rd 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Giagkoudaki Konstantina The Cycladic-type cemeteries of Attica and Euboea: issues of ethnic identity and social organization on the basis of archaeological and osteoarchaeological data 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Barouda Αrchontoula Shipping and Navigation in LBA in Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Oikonomou Sotiris The warrior identity based on the burial data of
Mainland Greece and Crete (MH III-LH IIIA)
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Papageorgiou Dimitris LH IIIC pottery in Cilicia 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Triantafyllopoulos Matthaios-Christos The Mesolithic Age in Greece: Settlement patterns and subsistence strategies 29/11/2018
PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY Farmaki Sofia The Mycenaean cemeteries of Achaia: an osteoarchaeological approach 29/11/2018
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Karapanagiotou Anna-Vasiliki   20/11/1992
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Nerantzis Ioannis   30/12/1993
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kollia Erofili   28/02/1994
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Karoglou Kyriaki   00-00-1996
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Mantala Anastasia   27/03/1996
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Patronos Sotereos   23/06/1998
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Vlachogianni Eleni   22/05/1997
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Sfiroera Alexandra   22/05/1997
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Agapaki Alexandra Representations of Vases on Relief Bowls and Coins of the Hellenistic period 01/07/1999
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Psalti Athanasia Religious Interconnections in southern Mainland Greece during the Middle and Late Bronze Age: The case of the Peak Sanctuaries 01/07/1999
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Poupaki Eirini Stone Vases and Articles, Tools and Workshop Objects from the University Excavation at the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Proto-Christian Settlement at Kardamaina (ancient Halassarna) on Cos 01/07/1999
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Katsali Sofia The Festival of Choes and the Role of children, as implied in Ancient Written Sources and Iconography 13/01/2000
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Samiou Chrysyis Hellenistic Tombs at Abdera, Excavation of the North Archaic Peribolos, Section II 13/01/2000
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tsouli Maria The Gladiators' Monuments on Cos 13/01/2000
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tsouli Crysanthi Hellenistic and Roman Grave Reliefs on Cos 13/01/2000
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kontogianni Konstantina Telemachos' Monument and the Origins of Asklepeios' Cult in Athens 28/06/2000
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Terzis Georgios Concentric Circles Inscribed in Metopes on Open Vases of the Late Geometric and Archaic period 14/12/2000
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Grigorakis Grigorios Attalids' Sculpture 14/12/2000
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Eisenstadt Eirini The Pottery from Three Tombs (Tel Rumeida, Otniel, Zauvata) as Representative of the Social Procedure and Trade Relations during the Late Bronze Age at Chanaan. 14/12/2000
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Hatzipanagiotou Alexandra The Lambs from an Underground Reservoir-Deposit in the Area of Theseion 28/06/2001
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Petrocheilos Nikolaos Burial Customs in the Cyclades and the Classical Cemetery of Saint Eleoussa on Andros 13/12/2001
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Papadopoulos Theodoros Children Scenes on Vase Painting of the Classical period 31/01/2002
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Panagou Tania-Metaxia Stamped Amphora Handles from a Reservoir-Deposit in the Area of Theseion 25/06/2002
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kalavria Eleni Stylistic Tendencies on the Portraits of Mainland Greece and the Islands during the First Century BC. 12/12/2002
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tsichli Maria Human Winged Figures on Ancient Greek Vase Painting (c. 1050-600 B.C.) 12/12/2002
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Potsi Dimitra Hellenistic Plates from the Sanctuary of Apollo at Ancient Halassarna (Kardamaina) on Cos 12/12/2002
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Ivou Georgia Pointed Trade Amphorae. Their re-use during Antiquity 25/06/2003
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tzavelopoulou Aikaterini Hero Sanctuaries in Attika 18/12/2003
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Ananiades Konstantinos The Kalathos in Attic Pottery (c. 960-460 BC) 18/12/2003
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Petrounakos Spyridon A New Bath Complex of the Late Roman Period at the Asklepeion of Epidaurus 18/12/2003
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Bouvi Anastasia Representations and Incense-Objects from the Ancient Greek World 18/12/2003
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Georgiou Evangelia Palaeopolis of Andros. The numismatic evidence from the excavations 1987-2001 25/06/2003
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Koutsoumbou Maria Sanctuaries and Temples in the North Cyclades. Geometric and Archaic Period 07/07/2004
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Palaiokrassa Nomiki Terracotta Human Figurines as Ex-voto Offerings to Artemis. The Case of the Sanctuary at Mounichia 07/07/2004
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Detoratou Sofia Protocorinthian Imports of Pottery to Paros 07/07/2004
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Painesi Anastasia Political Advances in the Art and Cult of Fifth and Fourth Century Athens 07/07/2004
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Vlachou Vassiliki Oropos of the Early Historical Times under the Scope of Children' Burials 02/12/2004
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Satraki Anna Kings of Cyprus. Archaeological Evidence of the Kingship with special stress on the Sculpture of the Archaic and Classical Kingdoms. 02/12/2004
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Adamopoulou Maria The Legend of the Niobids' Murder in Sculpture 09/06/2005
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Gikaki Mairi Hair Styles on Female Figurines of the Hellenistic Times 19/12/2005
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Laios Konstantinos Images of Human Members as Healing Offerings 19/12/2005
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Mimidou Euaggelia Gods and Heroes in Athletic Surroundings 19/12/2005
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Skaraki Vassiliki The Ancient Deme of Eleusis 19/12/2005
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kim Hyezin Scythians, "Persians", Galatians: Representations of Strangers in Clasical and Hellenistic Sculpture 13/07/2006
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Milionis Christos " ΜΗ ΤΟΠΟΣ". Examples of negative sites in Ancient Greece. 13/07/2006
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Vourgali Aglaia Pottery from the Rocky Island Dragonara of Kythera 18/01/2007
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Eustathopooulos Alexis The Ancient Quarries of Laconia 18/01/2007
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Litsa Myrto The Seashore of Trittys of the Aigheis Tribe 18/01/2007
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Mourthos Ioannis Hellenistic Architectural Sculpture on the Aegean Islands 18/01/2007
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Asimakou Eleni The Attic Deme of Euonymon 18/01/2007
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Oikonomidou Eugenia Relation between the Foundation of Houses and Sacred Buildings. Similarities, Differences, Aim, Regularity. The phenomenon in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Etruria, Rome and Contemporary Europe 25/01/2007
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Drosopoulou Sofia Warriors' Group Burials – Polyandria in the Ancient Greek World. 14/06/2007
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Vitos Georgios The ancient cities of Magnesia (Archaic and Classical period) 05/06/2008
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Founta Aggeliki The shipsheds in the Greek Region 05/06/2008
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tsabiri Mailida   19/06/2008
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Koutrobi Aglaia The Painter of Bologna 228 05/06/2008
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Goulakos Orestis The Prytanea of the Aegean 08/01/2009
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Galiatsatou Panagiota Attic Black-Figured and Early Red-Figured Pottery from part of the cemetery of the ancient deme of Oe (Excavation of the 2th Ephorote of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in the plot of Constantinos Toulas, Koropi - Attica 1994-1995) 08/01/2009
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Panariti Panagiota Depictions of owl on attic black- figured and red-figured vases and their relation with Athena and Athens 08/01/2009
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Harokopos Nikolaos The Imagery of Old Men's figures in Athenian Black-figured style 18/06/2009
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Marantidou Panagiota The standing female figure in Cyprus and Eastern Aegean during the Archaic Period 18/12/2009
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tzanakaki Aikaterini Attic Red-figured vases imported in Crete during the Classical Period 24/06/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Konstantinidis Panagiotis Hellenistic an Roman sculpture from Milos 24/06/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Malli Melina- Aikaterini The sculpture of Aphrodite in sanctuaries of Athens 24/06/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Grigoriadou Maria Two Athenian Black-figured cups from Megara. A Contribution to the Study of Athenian Black-figured Pottery 24/06/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Pervolaraki Eirini Sculptural decoration of baths from Greece 24/06/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Gargali Nomiki Evidence concerning Wreaths at Caria during the Hellenistic Period 24/06/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Georgopoulos Theodoros Cnidus –Aphrodisias –Kos: An overview of the worship of Aphrodite in Southwestern Asia Minor and the Dodecanese 24/06/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Nikolopoulou Konstantina Colours in the Classical Buildings of the Athenian Acropolis, its impact to the Modern Architecture of Athens (1830- early 20th c.) and its perception nowadays 24/06/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Pentoti Alexandra "ει' περ και μάλα πολλών εκαστέρω εστ'Ευβοίης…." (Od. 7.321): Homer and Euboea, how far was it? The Homeric society through the archaeological facts of Euboea of the Early Historical Times 24/06/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Charmalia Panagiota Cult, votive offerings and cultic configurations of Athena at the Acropolis 16/12/2010
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Peres Karolina- Christina The water cult in the life of ancient Greeks and in Pausanias' work 30/06/2011
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Stavrou Maria Sanctuaries of Aphrodite in Attica: Topography, shrine organization and aspects of cult 30/06/2011
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Theodoropoulou Maria Cult Places on Nymphs in Attica. Archaeological evidences and Suggestions for management and enhancement 30/06/2011
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Christakou Persefoni Τhe sanctuary of Artemis Orthia 30/06/2011
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Peroulakis Stavros Funeral architecture and grave markers in Crete with influences from the coast of North Africa, Eastern and Western Mediterranean. From Late Geometric to Imperial times (8th cent. B.C.- 2nd cent. A.D.). 30/06/2011
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kaklamani Olga Cremation burials in the Cyclades during the Protogeometric and Geometric Period 15/12/2011
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Sourlas Demetrios Sculptures from Kythera 26/01/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Skerlou Elpida Kos: Shrine of the Transitional Period in the "Heracles" area. Problems of continuation and disruption at Dodecanese 15/12/2011
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Lala Demetra – Maria Santuaries and worship of Apollo in the Dodecanese islands during the late classic and Hellenistic periods 15/12/2011
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Papathanasiou Dimitra The fountains and the aqueducts of Ancient Corinth 20/02/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kaoura Ioulia The telesterion of Eleusis. Reflections on Archaeology and the emergence of the monument 20/02/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Dipla Athanasia Buildings of officials of the Athenian Democracy 20/02/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kotronakis Pavlos Coin minting on Melos. Problems of dating the Melian mints during the 5th century B.C 20/02/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kagaras Panagiotis Early figurines of old women of classical and Hellenistic periods 20/02/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kakavogiannis Euthimios The water supply of Athens from c. 530 B.C. to 267 A.D. 20/02/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Psilakakou Vasiliki – Kyriaki Χαρακτήρ, ἐπίσημον, παράσημον: the Emblems of Ancient Greek Cities and Federal States in Mainland Greece, in the West and in the Islands of the Aegean 20/02/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Bountouraki Georgia The archaic agora of Athens of the Agora of Τheseus: Questions of Early Athenian topography 20/02/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Doulfis Georgios Lotus-and-Acanthus Capitals in Laconia 21/06/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Zigouri Ioanna The female figurines from the cave of Nymphs at Lechova Corinthias 07/06/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Chalazonitis Ioannis Early iron age and archaic sanctuaries of the north eastern Aegean 07/06/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Peppa Eystathia Celery in antiquity throygh literary sources, art and worship. 24/01/2013
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Portalios Eleftherios Foreign deities in classical Attica 24/01/2013
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tzanetea Chrisoula The representation of athletes in the monumental sculpture in the rount from arhaic to hellenistic times 24/01/2013
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Klapaki Galatia Late roman cemetary in Pallini 26/01/2012
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Papamichelaki Marianna Marble and stone vessels of Roman Period with relief decoration. 24/01/2013
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Koumboura Irini Tiryns. The evolution of the cult from the destruction of the Great Mycenaean Palace of LH III B2 until the Late Classical Period. 24/01/2013
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Ageli Anthi Red-figure Pottery of Amvrakia 04/07/2013
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Garonis Athanasios Early iron age settlements on Cyclades (1100-700 BCE): from the dark ages to the rise of the polis. 03/07/2014
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kleisoura Penny The morphology in the roman stoae in the greek territory 10/07/2014
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Peroukaneas Ioannis Macedonian tomb architecture cist, Makedonian and rock-cut chambered tombs. Typology, architecture, painting. 03/07/2014
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Chenzhen Yu The Greek element in Bactvia from 4th century BC until 4th century AD. 10/07/2014
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Alexopoulou Eirini Hermes' cult in Attica during the archaic and classical periods. 10/07/2014
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tegou Eyanthia Sanctuary at Axos: A new approach 22/01/2015
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Sklavounakis Panagis tombs and Burial customs of kefallenia from the archaic to the late roman period 22/01/2015
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Mylonas Marios Cult Statue bases of the Pheidian circle. Structure, sculptural decoration, subsequent echoes. 22/01/2015
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Petropoulos Spiridon The hexasyle oikos 22/01/2015
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Sakellaropoulou Paschalia-Artemis Archaic and Early Classical terracotta figurines of standing males draped with Ilimation from the Sanctuaries of Asia Minor and the Aegean islands 22/01/2015
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Petrakis Emmanouel Ovelos in Ancient Greek Cult 02/07/2015
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tzanetakis Alexandros The Street of the Tripods and the Choregic Monuments 21/01/2016
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kylindreas Miltiadis The tetrastyle prostyle temple in relation with the distyle in antis oikos during the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Period 21/01/2016
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Barlampas Michail Palaestra. The architectural design and development 23/06/2016
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Issari Styliani The color in Greek sculpture of the Roman Times 23/06/2016
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Agogiati Ageliki Dionisos and Adonis ceremony: tree-cult and eastern echoes in thw attic econography 24/11/2016
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Motsiou Paraskevi Miniature hydriai from the sanctuary of Demeter at Abdera 23/02/2017
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Papageorgiou Angeliki Gardens and sacred groves in ancient Greece from archaic till hellenistic period 23/02/2017
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Rallatou Antonia Empúries and Roses. Greek colonies in the iberian peninsula. Comparative approach (6th-3rd century BC) 23/02/2017
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Chamalidou Olga Sculpted in the round depictions of children in Greeceduring the Roman period 23/02/2017

The myth and iconography of Cassandra in the archaic and classical periods: emphasis on attic pottery
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Loulakoudis Kyriakos Wine-press (Linos) and wine production in ancient times, the case of wine-press of Rafina 29/6/2017
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Mpatziou Andromachi Τhe dedication of hair in ancient Greece: an interpretative approach according to written testimonies and iconography 29/6/2017
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Sofouli Konstantina Ceramic workshops from ancient Potidaea Kassandreia in Chalkidiki 30/11/2017
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Dodou Aggeliki Sculptures of Isis in the greek world 30/11/2017
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Dimitrakopoulou Vasileia Terracotta figurines from the area of the gate of the South Circuit of Walls of the city of Abdera 30/11/2017
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Kapouranis Aineias The Sculptor Pasiteles and his School 30/11/2017
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Zapatina Vasiliki A sculpture gallery of Athens on small scale. Depictions of statues on the Panathenaic amphorae and coins (New Style and Roman) 5/7/2018
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Ntavari Dionysia Olympic Games Winners' Statues in Olympia. Statues with Contractors 5/7/2018
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Μargarita Mentaki The artistic work of Alkamenes, an Athenian sculptor of the 5th century B.C. 29/11/2018
CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY Tsatsaroni Lamprini The use of piers in Greek architecture and the new findings in Athens 29/11/2018
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Mantas Apostolos   09/10/1995
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Vassi Olga   18/12/1997
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Fotenakis Spiridon   23/06/1998
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Foukaneli Georgia   23/06/1998
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Skotti Terpsichori   09/10/1995
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Antonakou Ageliki   27/04/1996
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Tsiorou Konstadina   18/02/1999
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Vafiadis Konstantinos The wall paintings of the chapel of St George (1609) at Dionysiou Monastery on Mt Athos and the painter Daniel 01/07/1999
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Manolesou Eleni   08/12/1999
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Diamanti Hariklia Asia Minor as a center of production and trade of early Byzantine amphorae. Contribution to the trade history of Asia Minor Hellenism 13/01/2000
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Vasiliou Anastasia Images of warriors in Byzantine pottery. The cycle of the Akrites, the dragon-slayers heroes and the ideals of the military aristocracy 28/06/2000
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kefala Konstantina The chapel of St John Chrysostom in Amorgos: a first approach 28/06/2000
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Mourelatos Dionysios The relation between the painter and the donor in the Cretan icons of the 15th and 16th c. The testimony of the painters' signatures, the representations of the donors and the inscriptions. Appendix: Planning and development of a database for the Icons 28/06/2000
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Voultos Ioannis The architecture of the most important Late Byzantine churches of Mystras 28/06/2001
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kastana Irini Typology of the vessel forms of Middle and Late Byzantine Ceramics from the Didactic Collection of the School of Philosophy, University of Athens 13/12/2001
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Melvani Nikolaos Funeral sculptures of the Late Byzantine period 13/12/2001
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Mexia Angeliki Church Architecture of Corinthia. Middle and Late Byzantine periods 13/12/2001
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Arvaniti Smaragdi The Zeuxippus ware and its derivatives 25/06/2002
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Germanidou Sophia The Monastery of the Virgin Phaneromeni at Salamis 25/06/2002
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Pallis Georgios Architectural Sculpture on the Peloponnese during the Twelfth Century: The Workshop of Samarina 12/12/2002
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Plesioti Konstantina The Byzantine monuments of Thessaly according to the donor testimonies. (circa 900-1400). Contribution to the study of art and society in Byzantine Thessaly 25/06/2003
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Eleftheriou Evangelia Mouchli in Arcadia. Contribution to the history and archaeology of the city 01/07/2004
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Konstantinidou Alexandra Pottery production in Egypt (4th – 7th c. AD) 01/07/2004
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Barbaritsa Eleni Liturgical vessels in Byzantium and its sphere of influence during the Late Middle Ages (14th – 15th c.) 01/07/2004
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Tsimboukis Georgios The iconographical cycle of the Apocalypse of St John in the monasteries of Philotheou (1765) and Xeropotamou (1783) at Mt Athos 02/12/2004
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Dimitrakopoulou Polyxeni The paintings of St John the Forerunner at Alatros. Contribution to the study of mural paintings in Lefkas during the 17th c. 09/06/2005
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Vaxevanis Ioannis Portraits of ktetors/donors in monumental paintings of Cyprus during the Frankish occupation (1191-1489) 09/06/2005
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Eftymiou Anastasia The iconographical program of the main church of Virgin Perivleptos (St Clemens) at Ochrid 19/12/2005
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Marangoudaki Maria The paintings of the church of Virgin Skafidiani (1347) at Prodromi Selinou and the painter Joachim 19/12/2005
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Sakellakou Hrysanthi The Iznik ware of the P. Ioannidis collection from Lindos, Rhodes 19/12/2005
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Pappas Dionysios Byzantine church architecture at Euboia 13/07/2006
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Tsaka Aikaterini Animal representations of the Middle Byzantine period. Symbolic and decorative function 13/07/2006
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Avramidis Vasilios The sticheroon of Christmas «Τί σοί προσενέγκωμεν Χριστέ» in byzantine and post-byzantine monumental painting. Text, music and iconography 13/07/2006
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Passaris Nikitas Churches with aniconic decoration in Greece and Cyprus. A global approach 14/06/2007
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kornakov Oleksandr Russian church architecture from 989 to the beginning of the 12th c. 13/12/2007
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kyriakos Aggelos The Castle of Zarnata 05/06/2008
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Verouti Sofia- Maria The post-byzantine church of St. Athanasios at Kouvara Attikis and it's place in the art of 18th century 08/01/2009
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Andronikou Anthi The cycle of the Life of the Virgin in the church of St. Nicholas's at Klonari, Limassol (16th century) 08/01/2009
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Zorba Vasiliki The portraits of the Serbian dynasty of Nemanja (third quarter of the 12th century – early 14th century) 18/06/2009
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Sfika Anna Echoes of the second Paleologean style on painted churches of Crete (middle of the fourteen – early sixteenth centuries) 18/06/2009
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kasdagli Anna – Maria Stone Carvings of the Hospitaller Period in Rhodes: Displaced Pieces and Fragments 18/12/2009
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Damoulos Panagiotis The Middle Mani in the Early Christian Period 18/12/2009
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Haralambous Danai The cycle of the Akathist Hymn in the monuments of the 17th century in Laconia 24/06/2010
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Tsiombikou Eleni The Cult and the Representation of Saint Anne in Byzantium from 5th to early 11th century 24/06/2010
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Zarakas Georgios Art and law in Venetian Crete. The artist's workshop and the artistic production through the perspective of the juridical science 24/06/2010
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Mastrochristos Nikolaos The church of St. Nicholas at Maritsa (1434/5). Aspects of 15th century Palaeologian Art in Hospitaller Rhodes.  
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Papanikolaou Prodromos The painted decoration of Garikli, Karanlik and Elmali Kilise at Goreme, Cappadocia. A byzantine painting workshop? Some remarks 16/12/2010
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Filidou Anthi Innovation of the iconography of imperor in the coins of the late byzantine period 16/12/2010
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Konstantellou Theodora The wall paintings of the monasteries of the Wadi-Natrum of Lower Egypt. Contribution to the study of the Christian painting in Egypt 16/12/2010
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Pyrrou Nikoletta The mural decoration of the church of Agios Ioannis Theologos at Kissos, Agios Vasileios, Rethymnon 16/12/2010
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Tsantilas Georgios The iconographic program of the narthes of the church "Omorfi Ekklisia" at Athens 16/12/2010
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Mougkogianni Penelope The iconographic program of churches in South Italy from Basil I to Charles d'Anjou (9th -13th c) 09/06/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Megalommati Niki Glazed Pottery from "Diogeneion Gymnasion" at Plaka: Contribution in studies of medieval and post-medieval pottery of Athens 09/06/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Korosis Vasileios The city of Megara during hate Antiquity. The contribution of the late Roman Pottery from a rescue excavation in Megara 09/06/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Mavroudis Kyriakos The Theometorial Hymns to the mural painting of Late Byzantine period 09/06/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kalapothakou Eustathia The amulets of early and middle byzantine period: A comparative approach 09/06/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Hatzilazarou Demetrios An unknown Agora in Constantinople in the 4th century 15/12/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Loumakis Spyros The evolution of Constantine I's imperial ideology: from dis genitus to the servant of summus Deus 15/12/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Takoumi Anna The depictions of saints in the churches of Laconian Mani 10th -15th centuries (Peloponnese, Greece) 15/12/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Travlos Lambros Early Christian Architecture. A sample from Kardamaena of Kos 15/12/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Tassogiannopoulou Kyriaki The main Christological scenes and the Dormition of Virgin in the Byzantine churches of Laconian Mani, 10th -15th centuries (Peloponnese, Greece) 15/12/2011
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Grantzios-Drapelova Pavla The early Byzantine bronze coins from the collection of Petros Protonotarios (498-610 A.D.) 26/01/2012
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Tzortzaki Christina The Byzantine Decorated Plaques of Panagia Gorgoepikoos in Athens and their position in Middle –Byzantine Sculpture 20/02/2012
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Athanasakou Vasiliki Cemeteries from Greece (2nd -7th D.C) and their pottery 23/02/2012
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Georgala Ifigeneia Donor portraits in byzantine churches of the Eastern Mediterranean Islands during the latin occupation (Cyprus – Crete – Rhodes) 20/02/2012
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Manti Maria The influence of the byzantine royal ceremony in the coronation of the Ottonians and the first Salid emperors. Sources and depictions 20/02/2012
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Dima Vasiliki Temples with double apses and double space of byzantine and post –byzantine era: use-construction and expansion 20/02/2012
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Spanos Ioannis The wooden carved temple of the Holy Monastery of Ag. Vlasios on the upper Trikala of Corinthians 20/02/2012
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Diniaropoulou Stavroula The painter Angelos and the Palaelogian influenses in his painting 20/02/2012
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Klotsa Vasiliki Byzantine woodcarving from early to the late Byzantine period. Types of works, technics, decoration, and iconography. 13/12/2012
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Fotοuchu Maria Byzantine and postbyzantine Monemvasia: The evolution of the settlement. 24/01/2013
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Bidikoudi Zografia Middle and Late Byzantine pottery and the dietary habits of the byzantines 04/07/2013
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Fragiadakis Panagiotis Patronage, art and society in the State of Epirus (1204-1449) 04/07/2013
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Bouliou Despina Topics concerning the Art of Victor. Iconography, style and his place in Cretan painting of the seventeenth century 13/03/2014
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Papatzikos Nicolas Representations of holy figures on ceramic objects (4th - 7th c.AD) 13/03/2014
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kyriazi Konstantina Textiles of secular use in Grete during the early Venetian period (13th-15th c.). Visual evidence and archival sources. 10/07/2014
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Karvagioti Eleni-Anna The founding inscriptios in the South Balkan peninsula from the middle of the 6th to the middle of the 9th century (565-867). 10/07/2014
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Efthymiou Vasiliki The portrayal of Judas in the monumental painting of the Late Byzantine Period (1204-1453). Typology and iconographic observations. 10/07/2014
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Peppa Aikaterini The economy of the Province Macedonia A' in the end of the Late Antiquity (565-717). The contribution of the ceramic in the cuts 33 and 34 in the exchavation of the Filippi theatre 03/07/2014
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Lambaki Eleytheria Architectual sculpture from the basilicas of Early Byzantine Delphi 22/01/2015
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kovanis Petros Arms and military equipment during the period 1081-1453. the contribution of art 22/01/2015
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Pantolpoulos Marios-Alkiviadis Nude in the Art of the Middle Byzantine Period (843-1204) 22/01/2015
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Konstantinou Andreas Dedicatory inscriptions on 16th century Cypriot portable icons 24/11/2016
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Politiopoulos Dionysios Monumental painting in Attica during the Latin occupation
and the depiction of the Second Coming.
Influences - relations with artistic centers and regions - stylistic observations - peculiarities
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kourkouta Nikoleta The perception of the woman in the post-Roman period through the representations of personifications on mosaic floors 30/11/2017
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Stylianou Eleni   30/11/2017
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Mpia Elli-Evagelia Cooking Wares from Eastern Mediterranean, 4th – 7th century A.D. A Survey of types, techniques and diffusion 30/11/2017
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Delli Georgia Five fortifications of the 7th – 9th century on the north coast of Samos. A contribution to the architecture of fortifications of the transitional years in the Aegean 22/2/2018
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Spyropoulou Sofia The annexes at the early byzantine basilicas of Peloponnesus (6th – 7th c.). Architecture and function 5/7/2018
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Vasilaraki Anna-Maria Two Early Christian Basilicas of Karpathos: Contribution to the Study of Architectural Type and Sculptural Decoration (5th - 7th Century) 5/7/2018
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Papadimitriou Maria The city of Athens at the beginning of the Period of Transformations (late 6th to 7th century AD.) 29/11/2018
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Papadimitriou Dimitrios Contribution to the study of late byzantine church architecture: the cross-vaulted church on Euboea 29/11/2018
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kokkini Stavroula The painter Andreas Ritzos between the Palaiologan and Western art 29/11/2018
BYZANTINE ARCHAEOLOGY Kypriotaki Maria-Patapia "The "unconquerable" walls of Constantinople: the study of the marine and terrestrial fortifications from the ancient Byzantium in the Palaiologia Period 29/11/2018
HISTORY OF ART Pavlopoulos Demetrios   01/06/1992
HISTORY OF ART Pisperi Marina   17/02/1994
HISTORY OF ART Doulgeridis Michail   24/04/1996
HISTORY OF ART Zero Olga   24/04/1996
HISTORY OF ART Sarakatsianou Vasiliki The Abstract Art during the decate of 60's 12/12/1996
HISTORY OF ART Poulou Maria   12/12/1996
HISTORY OF ART Ioannou Panagiotis   23/09/1997
HISTORY OF ART Plati Maria   18/12/1997
HISTORY OF ART Labropoulos Konstantinos   23/06/1998
HISTORY OF ART Niarchou Zoe   23/06/1998
HISTORY OF ART Martini Aitolia-Aikaterini Gerasimos Steris (1898-1987). His Life and Work 01/07/1999
HISTORY OF ART Mistakas Eleutherios Nick Hadjikyriakos-Ghika (human presence-absence in painting) and the poets of the '30s generation 01/07/1999
HISTORY OF ART Koutsogiannis Theodoros The "Orologion" of Andronikos Kyrristos in Art. An Iconographical Study 13/01/2000
HISTORY OF ART Romanou Christina The Pictorial Decoration at the University of Athens Building 28/06/2000
HISTORY OF ART Kotoulas Ioannis New Gothic Tradition in Modern Athenian Architecture 28/06/2001
HISTORY OF ART Tsiapa Vassiliki Portraits in 18th century Ionian Art 28/06/2001
HISTORY OF ART Sideratos Antonios Johannes Vermeer. Innovations in the Tradition of 17th century Dutch Painting 16/05/2002
HISTORY OF ART Margari Eleni The Female Figure in Greek Sculpture (19th-20th centuries) 12/12/2002
HISTORY OF ART Peraki Dimitroula Allegoric Figures in Funerary Monuments at the 1st Cemetery of Athens 25/06/2003
HISTORY OF ART Boulakou Aikaterini The 30's Generation and the Fayum Portraits 19/02/2004
HISTORY OF ART Moschonas Spyridon "Might be Painters". Modern Greek Painters and Monumental Religious Art in the first half of the 20th century 01/07/2004
HISTORY OF ART Kaloudi Elpiniki Costas Tsoklis 09/06/2005
HISTORY OF ART Pavlikaki Konstantina Aspects of Magic Realism in Modern Greek Painting. Twelve Artists 19/12/2005
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HISTORY OF ART Kirilina Tatiana The problem of Multilingual access to the sources on modern Greek Art with the use of New Technologies 16/12/2010
HISTORY OF ART Seleli Alexandra Painters as scenographers for the Greek ballet theatre (1950-1960) 20/01/2011
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HISTORY OF ART Tsavalos Pantelis The woodcuts of Roubina Sarelakou. 10/07/2014
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HISTORY OF ART Vlassopoulou Maria The Flemish painting of 15th century and the medieval religious theater. The case of Hans Memling (1435-1494) 30/11/2017
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ANCIENT HISTORY Demopoulou Maria   01/01/1993
ANCIENT HISTORY Paraskevas Panagiotis   28/02/1994
ANCIENT HISTORY Thomopoulos Georgios   04/07/1994
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BYZANTINE HISTORY Georgiadou Vasiliki   31/01/1992
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MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY karamatsiou Chrysoula   13/06/1996
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Tsilimigras Vasileos   13/06/1996
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MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Demetriadis Nikolaos-Marios   24/01/2013
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MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Petropoulos Spiros The history of Greek aerosygkoinonion. The early season. 03/07/2014
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MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Triantafillou Christos The celebration of the Greek state's Centennial and the deeds of the Central Centennial Committee (1928-1933) 22/01/2015
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MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Dellopoulou Chariklia-Konstantina The legislation on "Criminal sanctions Against Enemy Collaborators" and the Nafplion, Argolid Special Court Archives, 194501951 22/01/2015
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MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Chorozi Filippa Antonis Benakis and the establishment of the Benaki Museum. Benefaction and cultural intervention 21/01/2016
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MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Gionis Nikolaos The economy of Metapoliteusi, the economic policy during the period of democratic stabilization (1974-1975) 24/11/2016
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Jeong Min Mo The memories and the Korean War 24/11/2016
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Geltis Theodosios The representation of gay indetity through LGBTQ Press (1978-1990) 24/11/2016
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Vassilis Gkonis The policy of the regime of 'August 4' towards the University of Athens 1936-1941 23/02/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Ioannides Christos Clerical scholars and Greek Enlightenment: a critical relationship 23/02/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Keramidas Stavros The Constitutional reform of 1986: an attempt to evaluate causes, views and effects 23/02/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Faraos Dionisios Advertising and consumerism:
Representations of consumption standards in Greece during the years 1958-1965
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Apostolopoulos Petros Youth and Leisure in Post-War Greece: Representations of Youth Entertainment in the Press during 1950s and 1960s 29/6/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY AsimakisVasileios Woman and Theater in Crete during the Venetiandomination (16th-17th c.) 29/6/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Dogantzi Alkistis Greek education in Sancak of Gumultzina (ca. 1870 – ca. 1912) : the process of forming national consciousness 29/6/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Lygkouris Spyridon-Emmanouil Against the rationale of the "northern threat":
Τhe political discourse of EDA towards the Popular Republic of Bulgaria and the Greek-Bulgarian relations (1951-1964)
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Poulianas Christos National and Social Students'Organization [Ethniki kai Koinoniki Organosis Foithton, EKOF]: Practices and political ideology of the right-wing extremism in post-war Greece (1960-1967) 29/6/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Raptis Panagiotis Bailo and proveditore e capitano. Venetian offices and power mechanisms in the Venetian ruled island of Corfu. (16th and early17th centuries) 29/6/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Stavraki Eleni The jewish communities in the Ionian islands during the Venetian domination (13th-18th c.).
Cohabitations, tensions and exclusions
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Lianos Periklis The census of 1905/1906 in southern Thrace (Vilayet of Adrianople), as a means of Greek nationalist pursuits 30/11/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Skevaki Danae The Greek Orthodox Clergy through the documents of kadi courts: An adumbration of its work in the οttoman territory, 17th century-1763 30/11/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Zisi Stamatina Greek merchants and scholars in common networks, end of 17th – 19th century 30/11/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Spilioti Stefania Venetian nobility, family and social networks at Chandax during the Venetian occupation (first half of 17th ce.): the case of the Venetian nobles De Mezzo 30/11/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Glistras Dimitrios The "other" left - Cultural making and political subjects (1974-1981) 30/11/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Kefalas Ioannis Strike action at Piraeus, 1932-1936: A contribution to the history of Greek labour movement 30/11/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Sarantidis Antonis The Union of Greek Students in Paris (EPES) during the Greek dictatorship and the journal Poreia (1967-1972) 30/11/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Nikas Georgios Entenching Growth: Spiro Markezinis as minister of Co-ordination 1952-1954 30/11/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Chalkos Ioannis Greece and the crises of Suez and Hungary (1956): Position and capabilities of a small country in the international system of states in the framework of the Atlantic Alliance 30/11/2017
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Panagi Sergios From the submission of Makarios' Thirteen Points to the failure of Acheson Plan: The evolution of the Cyprus Question through the perspective of the Greek Daily Press 22/2/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Chatzistavrou Aggeliki The feminine presence in the phanariote environment of the Danubian Principalities 5/7/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Kopanitsanou Theofani Asia Minor (October 1921 - July 1922): The ten-month period of operation inertia and its impact on the psyche and spirit of the Hellenic Army 5/7/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Kakouriotis Spyros Cultural and Political Dissent During the Dictatorship (1967-1974): The case of the Journal Anoichto Theatro (Open Theatre) 5/7/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Zafeiri Aikaterini The plague in Venetian Crete (14th -17th c.) 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Poulios Constantinos Connected Histories" and "Cultures of Confrontation": The Era of the Wars of Religion (16th-17th centuries) from the Ottoman Perspective 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Stamatelopoulou Stavroula The plague in the venetian Ionian Islands (end of 14th – end of 18th century). The precausive sanitary policy of Venice against the disease and the example of the lazaretto of Zante through an unpublished series of regulations 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Alapanta Αmalia Μanufacturing, industrial production and the world of craftsmen in venetian Candia (16th century) 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Gianniadi Marilena-Metaxia History of childhood on Crete during Venetian rule (1204-1669) 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Gkanali Argyro The Latin Patriarchate of Constantinople and the venetian Crete (1585-1588). Aspects of the Latin Church history in the East 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Davilla Chrysoula The history of Callicounis distillery in Kalamata from the end of the 19th century to the 20th century 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Nikos Theodoropoulos Nikos G. Svoronos' Presence in the Public Sphere and his Contribution to the Development of History Studies during the Metapolitefsi (1975-1989) 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Marougka Evdoxia Liberal Democratic Center, 1965 – 1966: directions, strategy and practices of "apostates΄" foreign policy 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Liakopoulou Panagiota Μacedonian case (1870-1904) and the «public opinion» during the Ilinden´s uprising: The examples from the newspapers «Athinai» and «Neon Asti 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Bouzi Maria Urban lifestyle, socialization and economy in Patra (third quarter of the 19th century) 29/11/2018
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GREEK HISTORY Christina-Anna Ntyrkai The celebration of 25th March during the Greek Occupation (1941-1944) 29/11/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Giannakopoulos Demetrios   23/06/1998
EUROPEAN HISTORY Chionidis Panteleimon EUROPE-EAST-GREECE. The reception of developments in East issue during the period 1877-1878 in Greece 10/12/1998
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Boulgouris Anastasios The Macedonian question in German historiography. 28/06/2001
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Rossidis Zafeiris The Tito-Stalin clash as viewed by the Greek bourgeois press. 13/12/2001
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Κοrozis Konstantinos Ideological confrontation over the past in cinema. The case of the "post-Thacherite Trilogy" by Ken Loach. 18/12/2003
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Balomenos Loucas «Fighting Poverty» - Management policies and scientific concepts of poverty in the 19th century Britain. 18/12/2003
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Κοukmas Ioannis Irish immigration to Scotland, mid 18th century – 1848 01/07/2004
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Εxarchou Zoi The Bicentenary of the French Revolution (1789-1989). Historiographical overview (based on the work of A. Soboul, F. Furet and M. Ozouf) 02/12/2004
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Κokkoris Sotirios The ideological origins of the Italian Fascist movement and its road to power. The role of fascist violence 02/12/2004
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Κotsakis Athanassios Westerners in the Cycladic islands. Latin settlements in the Cycladic islands. The cases of Naxos, Andros, Santorini, Melos, Sifnos and Tinos (13th-16th c.) 19/12/2005
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Κonstantakou Despina-Maria Reparations of the German Federal Republic to victims of Nazi occupation in Greece and other european countries formerly under German occupation 19/12/2005
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Giannakou Anastasia The social and cultural impact of the plague in 17th century England. The 1665 crisis in London 18/01/2006
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Stavrinou Alexia Mathew Hopkins' witch-hunt and the influences of the Malleus maleficarum and the demonological treatises of king James VI and William Perkins 13/07/2006
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Rapti Vassiliki Motherhood as an ideological and political question in Great Britain, 1870-1945. Gender dimensions in an approach of the foundations of the Welfare State 13/07/2006
EUROPEAN HISTORY Yitsas Evangelos The rise and fall of the Templars: The trial 13/07/2006
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Gizelis Alexandros Para-military organizations of the NSDAP: SA-SS, 1919-1934 13/07/2006
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Riggas Christodoulos The principality of Antiocheia and Byzantium till 1204. Diplomatic relations, organizational structures 13/07/2006
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Κalogianni Eleni The cultural construction of syphilis in early modern Europe. From the theological to the medical approaches 13/07/2006
EUROPEAN HISTORY Pathiaki Eirini Approaches of the Macedonian Question in Greek Historiography. The Timing of the "Macedonian Crisis" 28/06/2007
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Giatrakis Eleftherios John Μenard Keyns, 1883-1946. A biographical outline of an Economist, Politician and Philosoph 05/06/2008
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Aboutis Antonios The Historical Course of the British Landed Aristocracy from 1780 to 1885: Political Behaviour and its Economic and Social Factors 12/02/2009
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Liapi Eleni The witches of Lancashire : witchcraft, community and politics in the 17th century England 08/01/2009
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Gallos Athanasios The lower middle classes during the French Revolution (1787-1795): functions, action, and ideology within the revolutionary movement 18/06/2009
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Siettos Nikolaos Dimension and Approachment of the German-speaking nobility from 1848 to 1933/1938. Survival and continuity or defeat and decline? 18/06/2009
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Mentzelopoulos Konstantinos The German – Prussian aristocracy and Germany's Sonderweg towards modernity (1871-1945) 18/12/2009
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Aggelis – Dimakis Dimitrios The Ideological Consolidation of the Francoist Regime 24/06/2010
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Tsokani Anna-Sousana From Sola Scriptura to Theologia Divina: Means of propaganda, diffusion strategies and perception of the evangelical message in german-speaking Europe, 16th - 17th centuries 24/06/2010
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Rentoumi Stella Nationalism and Art in Italy and Germany from the beginning of the 19th century to 1945 16/12/2010
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Kofinakis Andreas Heresy and Repression 30/06/2011
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Marakas Nikos The function of mills as an economic factor in late Medieval England 09/06/2011
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Kypriotakis Emmanouel Sleeping with the Devil. Witch-hunting as a restricting mechanism of sexual conduct during the Early Modern Period 30/06/2011
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Dardalis Nikolaos The rejection of the "Empire Ideology" and its connection with the education and the cultural life of British petit-bourgause and working class during 1875-1914 09/06/2011
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Athanasopoulos Filippos The Relations between aristocracy and middle class in Britain and the making of the English National Identity (18th – beginning of the 20th centuries) 09/06/2011
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Panos Athanasios The transformations of Florence's Commune through the "Riots" of 1371 09/06/2011
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Karsiki Christina "Rebellion or Bourgeois Revolution": Historical debates over the socio-political character of the English Civil War (1640-49) and the relevant testimony of political ritual. 15/12/2011
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Dimoulis Konstantinos The relationships of Bulgaria and the Latin empire of Constantinople (1204-1241) 23/02/2012
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Vaggelatos Dimetrios Irish immigration to Argentina during the 19th century 23/02/2012
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Filiou Dimitra Rhode's Knights Templar: Historical evolution, administration, society and economy (1310-1522) 23/02/2012
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Mavroskoti Aliki-Theodora The twelve Conclusion of the Lollards and the Catholic polemic propaganda H metafrasi alla leei se sxesi me to elliniko, rota ton k. Gaganaki 23/02/2012
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Syrrakos Fevos Utopia of reality? Neutrality as political choice of European states, during the second world war. The case of Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain and Portugal 23/02/2012
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Apostolidis Ioannis Lower middle class owners (shopkeepers/ artisans) in Britain and Germany of 19th century: Economical position and political behavior 23/02/2012
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Moutsiou Charikleia Godly revolutionaries and utopian movements in the English Revolution. The movements of Levellers and Diggers 23/02/2012
EUROPEAN HISTORY Lalou Eleni History and cinema: Narratives of English Revolution (1640-1660) in Post-war British Cinema. 24/01/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Chamilothori Maria Antisemitism in Shakespeare 24/01/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Koukouna Anastasia Fasists intelectuals in 1930s France 24/01/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Spiropoulos Andreas The "Politiques" as the main representatives of modernity during the French Religious Wars, 1562-1598; The exampler of Michel de l' Hospital. 24/01/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Shabana Ihab A history of a diaspora: Memory and Identity of the Palestinians of Athens. 24/01/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Nedos Basil The powerful people of a medieval city: Merchants, drapers, lenders and scabini. The case of the Boinebroke family of Donai (1250-1350) 24/01/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Koubalidi Anastasia The New Cultural history and the people. The N.C.H. and the historical truth. 24/01/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Kariotis Demetrios The effect of the National Schism to the Plans and the Operations of Greek Army from the landing in Minor Asia till its abandon 24/01/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Dimitriadis Marios Thetre as a rallying point for the world of labour and as an agent in the redistristribution of power during the late middle Ages 04/07/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Kafantogias Aris Economy, consuption theory and cultured transfers in 18th century Europe: The case of Austria. 04/07/2013
EUROPEAN HISTORY Moshonas Sergios-Gerasimos Guilds and Confraternities in Venice during the 14th and 15th century: The case of Aquaroli and Veluderi 13/03/2014
ΕUROPEAN HISTORY Brastianou Aikaterini "It is shameful for a man to beat a woman". Female abuse in Byzantium and medieval England (3 - 15th century) 13/03/2014
EUROPEAN HISTORY Denaxas Evangelos Europe and October Revolution: A comparative and historiographical approach. 10/07/2014
EUROPEAN HISTORY Kritikou Asimina From the lived experience to the written one. Examples of women's written works for the French Revolution and the Risorgimento. 10/07/2014
EUROPEAN HISTORY Gatsolis Eleftherios From Chartistes Labour Party: The socio-economic conditions and political action of the English labor movement. 10/07/2014
EUROPEAN HISTORY Roidis Konstantinos Allied efforts for the reformation of Germany 1945-1949. 03/07/2014
EUROPEAN HISTORY Hatzigeorgiou Pavlina What do we want the Oracle, he shall speak; The greece, the European and the "lost city" Zisimos Lorentzatou. 03/07/2014
EUROPEAN HISTORY Dimakis Andreas The organization of the defence of the Latin Kingdom of jerusalem and the role of the Knights Templars 22/01/2015
EUROPEAN HISTORY Siosiou Danae Memory, violence and self-victimization in the public debate about the moral bombing of Germany 22/01/2015
EUROPEAN HISTORY Sepentzi Eleni The feminins aspect of the Catharhevesx: An interpretative collateral "lingua" of the social and ideological dimension of Catharism 22/01/2015
EUROPEAN HISTORY Mavromatidis Savvas Art as a factor of shaping identities and as a consumer good in burgundian Flanders (1384-1477) 21/01/2016
EUROPEAN HISTORY Mitsiokas Vasilios The American Revolution. Motives and ideological legalization 21/01/2016
EUROPEAN HISTORY Gerakopoulos Iakovos The first Czechoslovakian Republic 1918-1938. The national dimension 23/06/2016
EUROPEAN HISTORY Sideris Konstantinos Interpretive approaches to Soviet Union collectivization and political stakes 23/06/2016
EUROPEAN HISTORY Anastasiades Demetrios Aspects of the slave trade and origins of racism in the colonies of North America 24/11/2016
EUROPEAN HISTORY Kounella Eleni Representations of social classes in Russia of 19th century through the literary works of great Russian classics: Gogol, Turgenev, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov 24/11/2016
EUROPEAN HISTORY Mouchos Georgios Rock "revolution" in Britain and Counter-culture: The cultural and socio-political connotations (dimensions) of British rock during the "long" decade of 60's. 24/11/2016
EUROPEAN HISTORY Psaroudakis Georgios Austrian Radical Right's Fragmentation during the Interwar Period and the Austro-Fascist Phenomenon 24/11/2016
EUROPEAN HISTORY Diamantis Dimitrios The post-war terrorism on cinema: the cases of Italy, Germany and Northern Ireland 23/02/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Nousis Georgios Aspects of a "franco-french" War. The Case of Harkis. 29/6/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Panagiotopoulos Georgios Lives on the edge: Youth Cultures and Urban Space in European Cinema (british, french examples) of the 1990s 29/6/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Kantzias - Rohde Alexander – Christian The experiment of "Red Vienna" (1919-1934). Problems and contradictions of the attempt of "Socialism in one city 30/11/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Gkana Vasiliki The Making of the Self: Women Writers and Heroines in 18th Century England 30/11/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Dimitriou Ourania The profile of the witch in Austria. Aspects of witchcraft in the community of Hainburg during the first half of the 17th century 30/11/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Doulkeris Alexandros "Women's Union for the Defence of Paris and for Aid to the Wounded": Women's roles during the Paris Commune 30/11/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Mpakas Ioannis Women's Reality in Late Medieval England 30/11/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Nikitaras Stefanos Comparison of the neoliberal economic policies of the governments of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan 30/11/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Papoulis Grigoris Growing up in Late Medieval England 30/11/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Papachimonas Ioannis Cold War Stereotypes and Propaganda in Film and Comics in the United States and the United Kingdom during the 1980s 30/11/2017
EUROPEAN HISTORY Sifakis Konstantinos The perception of the Soviet Union by the Annales d'histoire économique et sociale and the Annales d'histoire sociale during Interwar - La perception de l'Union Soviétique par les Annales d'histoire é 22/2/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Georgakakis Panagiotis The New Model Army under the command of Oliver Cromwell and the Irish campaign, 1649-1650 5/7/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Touloumtzidis Alexandros Historiographical Approaches of the Origins of the First World War 5/7/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Nikias Thodoris The Socialists and the "Two Red Years" in Italy 5/7/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Villanti Giovanni The Democratic transition inPortugal and Spain 1973-1981: a comparative view 5/7/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Polydora Stavroula The concept of sexuality in the middle ages 19/11/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Zacharis Charalampos Industrial revolution and urbanization in Britain 19/11/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Blatsoukas Dimitrios Education in England and the influence of Humanism during the Reformation (16th, 17th centuries) 19/11/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Boukis Filippos The Glorious Revolution through the sessions of the English parliament of the time 19/11/2018
EUROPEAN HISTORY Ventiris Dimitrios The effects of the napoleonic domination on european societies. A comparative approach 19/11/2018

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