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The Postgraduate Program “History and Archaeology”

The Postgraduate Program of the Department of History and Archaeology is designed:

  • to offer a series of specialized courses to a limited number of students, providing in-depth knowledge on fields and methods taught in the Faculty, leading to a Master's degree.
  • to organize, supervise and support candidates to conduct original research in the same fields leading to a doctoral dissertation.

The first is a full time (two years) or part time (three years) cycle and offers specialized research-oriented seminars, leading to the writing of a Master's thesis and to a Master's degree.

The series of courses leading to a Master's degree consists of nine fields of specialization:

1) Prehistoric Archaeology

2) Classical Archaeology

3) Byzantine Archaeology

4) History of Modern Art

5) History of Greek and Roman Antiquity

6) Byzantine History

7) Ottoman History

8) Modern and Contemporary Greek History

9) European History


Admission to the postgraduate program is through entrance exams according to the program's by-laws, which are issued annually.

For more details, please read the postgraduate prospectus.