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The Department of History & Archaeology of Art is part of the School of Philosophy of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The Department consists of two Sections:
a. Section of History
b. Section of Archaeology & History of Art

It also has:

  • An IT Lab
  • A Lab for the Digitization of the Public and Private Life of the Byzantines
  • A Museum of Archaeology & History of Art
  • An Archaeological Park
  • A Photo Lab
1. Department administration
Head D.Pavlopoulos
Vice head M.Efthimiou
Secretarial staff I.Katsikareli
Programmes of Post-Graduate Studies  
A.Archaeology and History of the Ancient World: from the Early Prehistory to Late Antiquity  
Director S.Psoma
Dep.Director G.Vavouranakis
B.The world of Byzantium: History and Archaeology  
Director P. Petridis
Dep.Director N.Giantsi
C.Modern and Contemporary History and History of Art  
Director N.Giantsi
Dep.Director M.Papathanasiou
D.Programme of Post-Graduate Studies until academic year 2019-2020  
Director K. Raptis
Admin. Staff Secretary X.Koukou
  D. Tsiota
E.MA in Greek and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology:from the Bronze Age Palaces to the Hellenistic Kingdoms  
Director K.Kopanias
Dep.Director G.Papadatos
F.Monument Management: Archeology, City and Architecture  
Director D.Plantzos
Dep.Director E. Platon
G.Museum Studies  
Director G.Papadatos

2. Departmental administration

Head K.Nikolaou
Secretary M. Skountzou
Head G.Papadatos
Secretary M. Gioni

3. Μuseum of Archaeology & History of Art

Director P. Petridis
Curator to the Rocks, Minerals, Semi-precious stones Collection S. Katakis
Curator to the popular Ethiopian colelction D. Pavlopoulos
Curator to the Modern Art collection D. Pavlopoulos
Curator to the Environmental collection G. Papadatos
Curator to the Diachronic Collection of Mediterranean Pottery E. Platon
Curator to the Byzantine Pottery and Minor arts Collection S.Katakis
Curator to the Classical collection E. Kefalidou
Curator to the Prehistoric collection E.Platon
Curator to the Byzantine painting collection A.Drandaki
Curators to the reliefs collection G. Vavouranakis
4. Photo Lab  
Curator P. Petridis
Technical staff Ν. Baka
5. Lab of historical research and documentation
Director V. Karamanolakis
Teaching Assistant A.Antonopoulos
Admin Staff Ap.Zafeiropoulos
6. Environmental Archaeology Lab and History of Art
Director G. Vavouranakis
Admin. staff Ap.Zafeiropoulos
7. Digital Teaching Lab  
Curator Pl. Petridis
Vice curator S. Ploumidis
8. Advisors of Studies  ac. year 2021-2022  
Department of History K. Gaganakis
Department of Archeology and History of Arts G. Pallis
  E. Kefalidou
9. Advisors of Studies for SWD students for the ac. year 2021-2022
Department of History K.Nikolaou
Department of Archeology and History of Arts G.Pallis
10. Advisors of Programme Erasmus  
Department of History V.Seirinidou
Department of Archeology and History of Arts M.Mouliou


(Last update:30/6/2022)