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Library of the Department of History

Direction: Prof. Buraselis Konstantinos

Assistant Direction: Associate Prof. Mergiali-Saha Sophia

    Karakasouli Maria  (mkarasul[at]lib.uoa[dot]gr)
    Koukou Christina (ckoukou[at]lib.uoa[dot]gr)
    Skountzou Mikela (mskountzou[at]lib.uoa[dot]gr)

    National and Capodistrian University of Athens
    School of Philosophy
    Faculty of History and Archaeology
    Library of the Department of History (6th flour, room 646)
    University Campus
    157 84 Zografou

Email: history[at]lib.uoa[dot]gr
Tel: 0030 210 72 77 687-9
Fax: 0030 210 72 48 979

The Library is open from Monday to Thursday, 8.00-18.00, except on August days.